The Quimbaya Trilogy

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Cal Bradley is smart and determined -- an overachieving middle school student with a really big secret.  Only his friends Anthony and Liv know about the mysterious box and the gold medallion that allow them to travel through time.

They quickly learn that tampering with the past has unintended consequences.  Cal becomes part of his own history project and accidentally causes his basketball rival for Most Valuble Player never to have been born.  When he and Anthony cause an eighteenth-century pirate to time travel as well, it's time to admit they have a lot to fix, even if it means risking their own lives.

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More trouble...

Seventh-grader Anthony Wescott has escaped from a pirate, altered history, and helped capture criminals.  In the finale of the Quimbaya trilogy, he longs for his time-traveling days while dodging middle-school bullies.

Lured by historical accounts of an unsolved mystery in their quiet town, Anthony convinces his sister, Liv, and best friend, Cal, to travel to the 1830s to solve it.  But what happens next is not in their plans...

More danger...

Anthony is kidnapped, and the fearless Cherokee boy who rescues him fails to escape the Trail of Tears as he was meant to do.  Is Anthony willing to put his life on the line to save Daniel Kingfisher?

More adventure...

For help, the three young people call on former pirate Robert Morehouse, who has perfected his survival skills across four centuries.  By stagecoach, steamboat, and on horseback, they pursue Daniel and his captors.  But the 1830s are a turbulent time in the young nation of America, and when the season of the Cold Moon arrives early, Anthony must reach deep inside himself and learn the real meaning of courage.

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A summer in London and new adventures reunite the Quimbaya trio.  Seventh-grader Liv Wescott has always assumed she could have a close friend if she wanted one.  But on her first day in London, she makes two enemies who turn her world upside-down and put the fates of two nations at risk.  Can the young people use their wits and courage to restore the outcome of the American Revolution and Britain's claim to the Prime Meridian?