The Quimbaya Trilogy

              Longitude: Zero Degrees

With no time passing in the present, they would appear in broad daylight.  Liv hoped the tourist crowd would be focused on the brass strip with the red LED printout that marked zero degrees longitude and so fail to notice the peculiar-looking foursome.

The spacious brick-paved area in front of the Greenwich Observatory was planted with grass.  "Look, guys!" said Anthony.  "It's gone!"

He was right.  The dividing line between the Eastern and Western hemispheres, the Prime Meridian, was nowhere to be seen.

                  Season of the Cold Moon

From Chapter One: The present 

Anthony Wescott braced himself. 

It was eight forty-five -- time for Monday Morning Smackdown.  The seventh grade bullies of Jefferson Bainbridge Middle School would do the smacking, and he'd take care of the down part.

In 1837, Anthony's Cherokee friend, Daniel, struggles to survive the Trail of Tears...

Daniel curled up into a ball, slid his hands under his armpits, and listened to the bouts of coughing that never seemed to stop in the camp.  He was very wary of going to sleep.  Lately, many who lay down at night did not wake up in the morning.  For those who did, in their hearts it would always be the season of the Cold Moon.



Off the coast of Colombia, 1893


            Under a cloud-shrouded moon, a silent figure made no shadow as he exited his cabin and felt his way to the ship’s deck.  Gerald Delaney paused, willing his eyes to adjust to the darkness and his legs to be steady on the swaying ship.

            Good.  No sign of movement.  Getting caught now could mean prison, maybe even death.

            ...He pulled a cloth pouch from his pocket and touched the stolen gold piece... Soon, soon he would find the old one and learn the secret of the greatest treasure of Quimbaya.


From Chapter 1

            The present: Cal Bradley worries about life at school)... Becoming Most Valuable Player for the sixth-grade basketball team might be tougher than he’d expected, with the school bully for a teammate and rival.  Quentin Thorngrove had been a first-class jerk since kindergarten, but Cal had never been on the receiving end of his abuse.  Now he stood in the way of something Quentin wanted:  total domination of the team and the MVP award for himself.


From Chapter 33

            1772: A pirate eavesdrops on his captives, Cal and Anthony...Outside the door, the tall boy’s statement about not interfering with history had set Morehouse’s mind in a spin.  He had said not a word to them about the way he found them, chiefly because it made him doubt his own sanity.  The alley had been perfectly empty, then suddenly they were there. 

            ...Now they were talking about going somewhere, talking as if they could do it whenever they liked.  Morehouse had seen how easily they arrived – he couldn’t let them go if they really possessed magic powers.  He unlocked the door and burst into the room, just as the short one was pulling something from his pocket.  He tackled both of them, but when they hit the floor, it was no longer covered with straw.