The Quimbaya Trilogy


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"...Stewart’s Quimbaya creates adventurous but believable young people whose forays into the past uncover the time-traveler’s conundrum – how to right the wrongs of the past without adversely affecting the future.  Stewart skillfully weaves multiple time frames into a credible plot, with hints to the source of the power residing in the little wooden box.  This fast-moving fantasy will engage readers quickly and keep those pages turning all the way to the thought-provoking ending."  December 2008 

Season of the Cold Moon

"...The third book in...Stewart's Quimbaya Trilogy...combines a strong sense of place, believable characters, and fast-paced adventure with a microcosmic view of the...Trail of Tears.  ...A rousing time-travel tale."  August 2011

Longitude: Zero Degrees

"HOLDING THE LINE:  ...In this sequel to her 2008 fantasy, Quimbaya, Stewart again shows that she can create believable and appealing young characters within a fast-paced historical chase which takes place simultaneously across four centuries."  January 2010